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OPC UA Server

As part of a project to renovate fire safety installations in Paris airport car parks, Médiane Système has produced several subsets of the data server software. The server ensures the exchange of information between the fire safety system, a harmonizer and an operating aid unit. It meets performance and certification requirements (IEC 62541) and offers advanced configuration ("intelligent" import and instantiation of data model), presentation (commissioning HMI) and data processing functions (mapping).

Software made:

• The "Configurator": Generates the configuration of the OPC-UA server using the configuration information of the control panels. Which are extracted from the client database and graphical interface for user parameter setting and selection of the elements taken into account by the server OPC-UA.

• The "OPC-UA server which acts as a bridge between the LonWorks network on which the plants are present and the OPC-UA network, which allows the supervision of the plants. It uses the configuration generated by the "Configurator" software to determine the list of OPC-UA objects that must be presented on the network.

Technology used: C#, WPF, C++, OpenOpcUa, LONWORKS.

Testeur mobile industriel



Le testeur est un équipement permettant de vérifier le bon fonctionnement des chaînes de protection dans le secteur de l’énergie nucléaire. Il se présente sous la forme d’un chariot mobile comportant l’ensemble des équipements matériels nécessaires aux tests. Il embarque un logiciel assurant la mise en configuration logicielle et matérielle, le séquencement des tests, les acquisitions, le traitement et l’archivage des résultats.

Le nouveau testeur est soumis à de fortes contraintes en termes de cybersécurité et de pérennité.

Médiane Système est intervenue sur le choix du système d’acquisition et sur l’ensemble du cycle du projet logiciel en commençant par la rétro-spécification des logiciels existants et l’analyse des nouveaux besoins, puis la refonte complète de l’architecture logicielle et enfin les développements et tests du nouveau logiciel sur une nouvelle architecture matérielle.

La réalisation s’est appuyée sur des technologies principalement issues de l’OpenSource.

Les enjeux de cybersécurité ont nécessité la mise en place d’une organisation projet spécifique incluant l’analyse de risque, un plan d’assurance sécurité et des audits sécurité. Techniquement, des mesures de sécurité ont été utilisées telles que le durcissement de l’OS, des méthodes de chiffrement et de signature et l’utilisation de matériels spécifiques de protection des ports de communication.

Technology used: Qt, QTest, C++, Linux, Red Hat, SQL, LibXML2, UML, Doxygen, Python, Valgrind, CLang CLazy, SQLite, OpenSSL, EBios

Pilotage d'un lecteur biométrique


Le lecteur biométrique permet d’autoriser ou non l’accès de personnes à des ressources selon une technologie de reconnaissance par empreinte digitale. Ce produit offre la possibilité d’une administration déportée sur un ordinateur (PC). L’ensemble du système contient des informations personnelles critiques impliquant de fortes contraintes techniques.

Médiane Système, en collaboration avec le client, a participé en amont à la pré-étude et l’analyse des besoins pour s’assurer de la conformité future à la réglementation RGPD et pour respecter les contraintes en termes de cybersécurité.

Médiane Système a pris en charge les spécifications et la réalisation du logiciel multilingue d’administration du lecteur depuis un PC. Pour respecter la RGPD, ce logiciel a fait l’objet d’une analyse de risque et a utilisé des méthodes de chiffrement et de signature des données et binaires.

Technology used: Windows, Qt, C++, XML, QtLinguist, SourceMonitor, Doxygen, GIT, UML, Installshield, Thread Model Analysis, OpenSSL, CppCheck, ClockWork, Protecode, Visual Leak Detector

Web application

Our client had a Web business application that allowed him to share technical data between several centers of expertise spread over three continents, application developed in Python in 2011. Médiane Système has made a migration (in PHP) of this application to make it evolve. Complete study, from functional specification writing, to non-regression testing. The changes have focused on performance and ergonomics, but also on the functional: archiving/restoration of databases, rights management, additions of dashboards ... Médiane Système shows its ability to support its customers on innovative technologies more and more present in the industry.

Technology used: PHP, HTML5/CSS3, JQUERY, Python, Apache, MySQL, CodeIgniter framework.

Bluetooth embedded software

Our client develops and markets miniature patches equipped with physiological sensors able to communicate in Bluetooth Low Energy and via a wired USB link. Médiane Système took care of an evolution of the product and its environment allowing it to use the Bluetooth Low Energy communication to realize the continuous recording of the measurements, to synchronize several devices ... We intervened on the embedded software of the patch (microcontroller Nordic NRF51822, compiler GNU ARM, Eclipse), on the Android software (Android Studio) and the PC version (QT), so on the whole ecosystem.

Technology used: C++, QT, Android, Intent API, Java, Android Studio, Bluetooth LE, Langage C.

Equipment maintenance application

As part of its business, our client uses PC software for the maintenance of onboard equipment on board rolling stock. These enable the diagnosis and troubleshooting of computers and CVS converters.
We were asked to deal with the obsolescence of two maintenance software. The first software makes it possible to check the correct operation of the computers responsible for controlling a chopper, an inverter and a low voltage generator. The second verifies the proper operation of converters responsible for supplying low voltage other embedded features.

Work completed:
-    Drafting of functional specifications and preliminary and detailed design documents
-    Architecture and software design
-    Development of synoptic modules dedicated to vector rendering and animation of electronic diagrams
-    HMI development in Java and JavaFX
-    Implementation of Javascript, SVG and XLSX technologies (import / export)
-    Development of a simulator for help with debugging and testing
-    Writing validation plans
-    Pre-integration, integration (on benches) and validation tests (on customer site)
-    Writing user manuals and training in the design and use of tools.

Technology used: JavaFX 8, XML, SVG, CSV, Eclipse, RS232, CheckStyle, Jenkins, SonarQube, Reqtify.

Safe embedded software
We also worked on a cardiac prosthesis that replaces the ventricles of the patient's heart. This artificial heart autonomously controls the blood flow of two ventricles so as to maintain a stable heart rhythm, adapted to the morphology and activity of the patient. If the prosthesis fails, it is necessary to continue to control the blood flow in degraded mode. Médiane Système realized on this project:
- The implementation of a quality standard according to EN ISO 13485/62304/62366/14971,
- The design and development of prosthesis management software in degraded mode,
- The design of the software responsible for feeding the prosthesis and monitoring alarms.

Technology used: Logiciel embarqué, Langage C, DSP STM32, I2C/SPI, RS232, IBM Rational DOORS, IBM Rational Rhapsody, IBM Rational Test Real Time.

 Electronics / constrained environment



Médiane Système carried out the study and the realization of 2 equipment of management and monitoring alarms of the control / command of the 1300MW nuclear power plants.
The first device makes it possible to signal to the operator the appearance of the alarms notified on the secure network.
The second device allows an operator to force and hide alarms.

Technology used: électronique analogique et numérique, FPGA, Logiciel embarqué, OS VxWorks 6.8, Bus DDR3, SATA, PCIe.

System test bay 

We realized a test device of the electromechanical systems maneuvering the clusters located inside the tank of nuclear power stations with: a transportable bay at various sites around the world (FlightCase), a bilingual device (English and French) and protective covers to be placed in front and rear of the bay for transport (fully closed bay).

Technology used: LabWindows CVI, Excel 2007, SVN, PXI, Windows XP, Cartes ADLINK, National Instruments, Flight-Case.

Measuring system

As part of this project, Médiane Système has developed a system for measuring and automatic acquisition by optical cells to track the movement of the cardboard through the various elements constituting the machine in real time. The optical cells are arranged at different places on the machine: these cells detect the front (AV) and rear (AR) edges of the cardboard, which makes it possible to deduce the measures of register and cross variation by element. Médiane Système has developed and produced an acquisition box in charge of acquiring the signals coming from the cells and which interfaces with a PC through an Ethernet link. Médiane Système also realized the software of parameterization, acquisition and treatment of the results.

Technology used: Windows Seven, LabVIEW, LabVIEW FPGA, Banc de test, Cellules optiques, Extension Rio.