After four years as a designer in microelectronics, I wanted to reorient myself towards measuring and designing test benches. Médiane Système allowed me to make this transition very simply. From the first contacts, we feel closeness and respect for the candidate that I did not find during interviews with large delivery companies. This feeling is confirmed during the integration in the agency's premises and the contribution to joint projects is well valued.

The support before my mission was transparent, which allowed me to be perfectly prepared and to be able to detect the opportunities beyond the initial perimeter. Then follow-ups are regular and are an opportunity to discuss openly the satisfaction and expectations of everyone, including his vis-à-vis the customer.

For some time now, Médiane Système has been fully involved in living together, through a variety of extra-professional events that are increasingly frequent, which should help create a sense of belonging that is indispensable.

I would definitely recommend Médiane Système to any candidate looking for a new opportunity in a human and attentive environment.