I returned to Médiane Système in 2005. The company that employed me at the time had just filed for bankruptcy, I was looking for work in a human-sized company, which would give me the opportunity to evolve and realize my wishes for career.
The reception and the recruitment process conquered me, the technical tests during the interview allowed me to see that the people in front of me mastered their subjects.

I had the opportunity to perform several missions in Technical Assistance for Médiane Système’s customers in my area of expertise which is embedded software.

I went on a mission at Millipore, Autoliv, Johnson Control, Schneider Electric, and Alstom Transport.
I held "all" the technical positions of the embedded software, first Development Engineer, then Technical Manager and Project Manager, I also made the Software Quality Assurance, before carrying out my last mission as a responsible for a railway subsystem for automatic metro control.

I came to Médiane Système’s headquarters in 2011 to take on a position as Business Manager, in order to respond to the Calls for Tender for project achievements in the Package. I held this position for 3 years. This allowed me to accompany the Sales Managers during the presales phases of the projects, but also to support the technical teams in the project implementation phases.

Trade has always been for me a job to which I planned, Médiane Système gave me the opportunity in 2014 to take a job as Commercial Engineer, a position that I still hold today.
My position is very transverse, because I am in direct relationship with the various services and entities of Mediane Système, such as Management, Recruitment, Human Resources, Research and Development Department, Quality ... but also, and these are important aspects, I am in direct contact with our Clients and our Collaborators.
Indeed, as a Sales Engineer, I am in charge of the evolution of the perimeter of my Client accounts, and I work with our Collaborators on mission, realizing regular follow-ups of their activities with our Clients.

From the moment you have the skills, abilities and desire, Médiane Système will always be ready to accompany you in your career development wishes.