I was hired by Médiane Système in 2002 as a young engineer in electronics and industrial computing. At the time I wanted to be able to work in both areas and gain experience without giving up one for the benefit of the other. This point was paramount in my choice of hiring, as well as the human dimension of the company. My job interview with the CEO of the time, himself a former engineer had a strong influence on my choice. The other favorable points were the versatility with the possibility to work on the package at the agency as well as at the client's mission, and to favor local customers.


I started my career at the Lyon agency, in the railway field on fixed-price projects such as the development of software workshops for Alstom Transport. Quickly the agency also extended its field of activity and trusted me for the development of the first projects in electronics.


In 2005 the Grenoble agency was created and I had the opportunity to go back there (I had finished my studies) to participate in the start of the activity. From 2005 to 2008 I was on a mission at Schneider Electric, where as an electronics engineer I realized product evolutions, from conception to industrialization. Following this long mission, I had the opportunity to work from 2009 to 2010 for Rolls Royce, in the sector of control and safety systems of nuclear power plants, to carry out technical expertise and develop solutions for obsolescence management on equipment.


In parallel to my professional activity, I traveled a lot at that time as an amateur poker player to participate in tournaments organized around the world. Mediane allowed me to organize these trips with a lot of flexibility while respecting the schedules clients. I always appreciated this flexibility and the good human relations that allowed it!


Little by little, I had the project to take a sabbatical year to spend a whole year on tournaments between 5 continents! This project materialized in 2011, then was extended for a few months without pay, and then I resigned to devote full time to my new player / traveler activity.


It lasted 2 years, and at the end of 2013 I returned to Grenoble where I contacted Médiane Système to take news. The director of the agency warmly welcomed me and offered me a contract if I wanted to come back. A real mark of confidence knowing that it was without special mission. After reviewing other professional projects that interested me at the time, I chose to return to Mediane early 2014.


In 2014 and 2015 I had the chance to work at PETZL on the development of embedded software integrating Bluetooth Smart connectivity in headlamps. A nice mission that finally led to a hiring as project manager in electronic R&D.


The record of these 11 years spent at Mediane brings out the following points:

- I have always felt a strong human side in the choices and decisions

- I was able to trust myself several times, and listen to my desires

- I had the opportunity to realize versatile missions between electronics and embedded computing