Application de maintenance d'équipements

  • Ferroviaire
  • Architecture
  • Conception
  • Développement
  • Validation / Testing
  • Logiciel applicatif
  • Test, validation et IVVQ

As part of its business, our client uses PC software for the maintenance of onboard equipment on board rolling stock. These enable the diagnosis and troubleshooting of computers and CVS converters.
We were asked to deal with the obsolescence of two maintenance software. The first software makes it possible to check the correct operation of the computers responsible for controlling a chopper, an inverter and a low voltage generator. The second verifies the proper operation of converters responsible for supplying low voltage other embedded features.

Work completed:
-    Drafting of functional specifications and preliminary and detailed design documents
-    Architecture and software design
-    Development of synoptic modules dedicated to vector rendering and animation of electronic diagrams
-    HMI development in Java and JavaFX
-    Implementation of Javascript, SVG and XLSX technologies (import / export)
-    Development of a simulator for help with debugging and testing
-    Writing validation plans
-    Pre-integration, integration (on benches) and validation tests (on customer site)
-    Writing user manuals and training in the design and use of tools.

Technology used: JavaFX 8, XML, SVG, CSV, Eclipse, RS232, CheckStyle, Jenkins, SonarQube, Reqtify.


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