Software qualimetry is the discipline that aims to ensure that computer code is produced according to established and measurable standards, with a view to optimizing performance, efficiency, security and maintainability.


It is also an indicator of the speed at which developers add value to a software system.

Multi-langage (générique tous langages)

SonarQube : complexité, duplication, documentation, commentaires, dépendances, règles de codage

Langage Java

CheckStyle : Outil de revue de code Java

Langage Web

HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, PHP

Langage VHDL

SIGASI : plugin Eclipse d’analyse de code (lint)

Langages .NET

FXCop : analyse de code MSIL généré (.Net)

Langage C / C++

PC Lint : règles de programmation (dont ANSI, K&R, MISRA) CppCheck : analyse statique du code source, détection de bug

Langage C#

StyleCop : analyse du respect du style du code