OPC UA Server

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As part of a project to renovate fire safety installations in Paris airport car parks, Médiane Système has produced several subsets of the data server software. The server ensures the exchange of information between the fire safety system, a harmonizer and an operating aid unit. It meets performance and certification requirements (IEC 62541) and offers advanced configuration ("intelligent" import and instantiation of data model), presentation (commissioning HMI) and data processing functions (mapping).

Software made:

• The "Configurator": Generates the configuration of the OPC-UA server using the configuration information of the control panels. Which are extracted from the client database and graphical interface for user parameter setting and selection of the elements taken into account by the server OPC-UA.

• The "OPC-UA server which acts as a bridge between the LonWorks network on which the plants are present and the OPC-UA network, which allows the supervision of the plants. It uses the configuration generated by the "Configurator" software to determine the list of OPC-UA objects that must be presented on the network.


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