Human-sized expertise

Created in 1989, Mediane Systeme has become a reference among engineering and consulting companies for our expertise with our clients, both large accounts and SMEs.  But where does our name come from ? 

In mathematics, the median divides a set into two equal halves, it is the middle of the set.

It is this concept of a happy medium that identifies us at Mediane, wee are professional but accessible. We are technical, but we don't forget the human side. We are serious, but we like to laugh.

For more than 30 years, we have been supporting our customers in the study, design and development of their products throught the wealth of expertise of our staff. 

Joining Mediane means joining the best of both worlds.

Key dates


Creation of Mediane Systeme

Created by three engineers passionate about industrial technical computing,
it was in 1989 that Mediane Systeme was born.


ISO 9001 – Quality

Concerned to provide high quality technical solutions,
Mediane Systeme obtains ISO 9001 certification.


Opening of the Lyon branch

In order to get closer to its customers, Mediane Systeme begins its deployment throughout the France with the opening of a first branch in Lyon.


Opening of the Grenoble branch

Mediane Systeme deploys its activities in the Grenoble basin,
always with a concern for proximity to its customers.


ISO 14001 – Environmental Management

Mediane Systeme's environmental management system is rewarded by obtaining ISO 14001 certification.


Creation of the Toulouse subsidiary Médiane Ingénierie

To offer its customers support combining proximity and quality,
Mediane Systeme creates its subsidiary Médiane Ingénierie in a strong industrial basin
direction the pink city: Toulouse


AFNOR 26000 Ecovadis - CSR Performance

Mediane Systeme's CSR performance is rewarded for its environmental, social and ethical performance.


Creation of the Belgian subsidiary Médiane Benelux

Head to Belgium to begin the international deployment of Mediane Systeme:
the Belgian subsidiary Médiane Benelux is born in Brussels.


ISO 27001 – Information Security

Mediane Systeme obtains the international standard ISO 27001
on the security of information systems.


Creation of the Italian subsidiary Mediane Italia

Mediane Systeme adapts to its customers by getting closer to them and pursuing its international deployment by creating the Italian subsidiary, Mediane Italia.


Opening of the Grand-Ouest agency in Nantes

Mediane Systeme is setting up in the Grand-Ouest region and thus promotes mobility through its multiple agencies on French territory.


AFNOR 26000 Ecovadis – CSR Performance

The CSR performance of Mediane Systeme is rewarded with the obtaining of the Platinum Ecovadis medal which allows Médiane to position itself in the top 1% of computer programming companies, consulting and related activities for its environmental, social and ethical performance.

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Quality is our priority

Mediane Systeme's identity and positioning have been built over the years on a high level of technical expertise. A top-of-the-range image is essential to the company, wich requires constant attention and high standards. In this context, quality occupies a central place within Mediane.

CSR commitments

Our objectives


Supporting engineering departments and creating sustainable and robust products and technology solutions


To remain a company appreciated and recommended by our employees for their professional satisfaction and development


Develop innovation both internally and with our clients in order to meet current and future sectoral challenges
They testify

They wanted to express, according to their background, their participation in the Mediane Systeme adventure, what our fundamentals and their experience meant to them

Guillaume Hubert
Guillaume HUBERT
Business Manager Benelux

Born from a desire to expand our network of agencies, the teams of Mediane Systeme both technical and support have been able to adapt to local particularities to help us in our mission. The success of a common project is the result of real teamwork.

Chloé Lecomte
Communication Officer

Personally, it is a source of pride to be successful. It is a personal challenge supported by goals that I set for myself and that I share with my manager. What is appreciable is that this culture of performance is done appropriately and without excess at Mediane.

Jonathan Issa
Jonathan ISSA
Business Manager

I am passionate about my job and the related human and technical issues. I have the chance to share this passion with the employees of my team. Mediane offers a framework that promotes this emulation under the impetus of the equally passionate Management! At Mediane Systeme, as Stendhal would say: The vocation is to have your passion as your job.

Recruitment Officer

In my job, sharing is an essential component. The sharing of expertise and technique is obvious, but at Mediane I also feel a sharing of human values, benevolent contacts, all through exchanges and events (evenings, outings ...).

Project Manager

Who said innovation was easy? With more than thirty years of existence, Mediane Systeme could be content to purr. However, I see a real desire to move forward and explore emerging technologies through new projects and in particular the MédianeLab cell. Of course, we are not the GAFAM, but innovation is far from lagging behind here.

Our fundamentals

The result of a common reflection, our fundamentals represent us and the basis of our decisions.

Mediane Systeme et ICE Groupe, the power of an industrial group

Mediane  Systeme is a subsidiary of ICE Groupe (Engineering, Consulting and Equipment). Since its creation, ICE has worked in the field of protection and automation of electrical networks. It has diversified through the creation of subsidiaries and the acquisition of shares in companies with high technical expertise.

For more informations, please visit the ICE Groupe website.

As a leading engineering and consulting company, we have been supporting our clients, both large accounts and SMEs, since 1989.
With a close presence in France and abroad, we enable them to study, design or develop their products.

Mediane  Systeme, expertise on a human scale.

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