Control of a biometric reader

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  • Embedded systems
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The biometric reader allows people to be authorised or denied access to resources using fingerprint recognition technology. This product offers the possibility of remote administration on a computer (PC). The entire system contains critical personal information which implies strong technical constraints.

Mediane  Systeme, in collaboration with the client, took part in the pre-study and analysis of the needs to ensure future compliance with the RGPD regulations and to respect the constraints in terms of cybersecurity.

Mediane  Systeme took charge of the specifications and production of the multilingual software for administering the reader from a PC. In order to comply with the RGPD, this software was subjected to a risk analysis and used data and binary encryption and signature methods.

Technologies used: Windows, Qt, C++, XML, QtLinguist, SourceMonitor, Doxygen, GIT, UML, Installshield, Thread Model Analysis, OpenSSL, CppCheck, ClockWork, Protecode, Visual Leak Detector


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