Our vision of the main
challenges in the
Telecom sector

The increasing digitalisation of companies, the deployment of connected objects and the digital disruption of our habits are having an impact on the telecommunications sector. Telecommunication is a key point in the exchange of data between people and machines themselves (IoT1/M2M2).

In recent years, new communication protocols have emerged (MQTT, OPC-UA, LoRA Sigfox, etc.) as well as new telecom frequencies (5 G and work is already underway for 6 G) to interconnect all these elements. The evolution of this ecosystem brings other possibilities for manufacturers to improve development and manufacturing processes (via Industry 4.0 and the robotisation of their production line) and to connect their products (to bring more intelligence or add related services).

Communities will also benefit from these advances to make their cities smarter by developing better services for citizens (public transport, infrastructure management, security).

1 : Internet of Things 
2 : Machine 2 Machine 


  • Mobile applications, web portals
  • Securing data exchange
  • Embedded software development
  • IoT integration
  • Architecture design (from sensor to cloud computing)
  • Cybersecurity


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