CAN BUS Implementation Training

Duration: 2 days

Date: On request

Type: Inter and Intra-company

Level: Project manager, engineers, technicians

Course material: French

Location: In our branches, on site or remotely

Rate per participant in-house: On request

Our commitments

  • Customised interventions (in-house)
  • An offer improved according to our feedback and our technological watch of the market
  • Speakers from engineering backgrounds with proven operational experience
  • Practice-oriented training
  • More than 20 years of experience in training related to embedded developments, network architectures, real-time kernels, automation.

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This course is both theoretical and practical. It will guide you through a quick understanding and implementation of the CAN (Controller Area Network) fieldbus.

Participants / Prerequisites

Concepts of land networks

Educational objectives of the course

Through this training you will learn :

  • CAN bus fundamentals
  • Analogy of the CAN bus and application layers with the OSI model
  • CAN frame architecture (2.0A and 2.0B)
  • The means of connection to a CAN bus
  • Openness to application layers (standardised, proprietary)


Introduction CAN

The CAN bus

CAN 2.0A
2.3.1 Constitution of the frames
Stuffing mechanism
Arbitration mechanism
The errors
Bus speed - Bit Timing
Sleep and start-up mode
CAN 2.0B - The differences
CAN performance
Synthesis exercises

Bus connection

Physical layer and media
CAN components
Philips SJA1000 - Intel 82527 - Freescale MSCAN - Philips 82C150

Applications and tools

Application of CAN
Development tools
Application layers

Annexe I - Glossary

Annexe II - Corrections


Course material is given to each trainee in pdf format


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