Advanced Git/GitLab training

Duration: 1 day

Date: On request

Type: Inter- and Intra-company

Level: IT Project Manager

Course material: French (English available on request)

Location: In our branches or on site

Certificate: at the end of the course

Our commitments

  • Customised services
  • An enhanced offering based on our experience feedback and market technology watch
  • Speakers with engineering backgrounds and proven operational experience
  • Practice-oriented training
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Make a success of your collaborative developments using the GitLab tool. Deepen your knowledge of the Git decentralised code management environment for large and complex developments. With a practical focus, following a short theoretical section you will be introduced to a number of practical situations that will enable you to use Git and GitLab efficiently in your projects.

Participants / Prerequisites

You must have taken the Git/GitLab Foundations course beforehand.
Intermediate to experienced project managers with knowledge of the fundamentals of Git.

Educational objectives of the course

The course aims to teach participants to :

  • Learn more about the concepts behind the Git/GitLab decentralised source manager.
  • Organising projects so that you can work as a team with GitLab.
  • Determining a workflow for a project.
  • Applying Git best practice within a company.


Git overview

Using Git - Initialising a simple project

Creating a project
Sub-deposit strategy (definition, creation, points of attention, etc.)
Import strategy (definition, breakdown, history, etc.)
Importing projects managed under SVN or Clearcase
Special cases, feedback

Using Git on a complex project with several developers

Which workflow to choose depending on the type of project (+ feedback)
Managing branches and version conflicts (more in-depth)
History management (corrections, rescheduling, etc.)
Managing common problems (global views, backtracking, etc.)

Setting up continuous integration using GitLab

Detailed presentation of continuous integration features
Setting up quality measurement jobs
Setting up compilation jobs
Setting up test jobs
Setting up document generation jobs
Setting up delivery preparation jobs
Setting up runners
Exploiting the results of continuous integration

Feedback and best practice


Training materials available at the end of the session.


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