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IT and electronics professions

Coordinating people and processes to ensure that projects are delivered on time with the desired results.
To develop a complex, workable system that meets the requirements of the standards and specifications.
Making intuitive, high-level decisions for software/electronics development.
Software design involves a set of activities which, starting from a request to computerise a process, allow the design, writing and development of a software product.
Develop scalable, secure and optimised (embedded) software.
Develop scalable, secure and optimised (embedded) software.
Evaluate the quality of software/systems through manual/automated testing and analysis of specifications/standards.
Analyse software designs and implementations to identify and resolve security/safety issues. The result is robust and reliable software.


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As a leading engineering and consulting company, we have been supporting our clients, both large accounts and SMEs, since 1989.
With a close presence in France and abroad, we enable them to study, design or develop their products.

Mediane  Systeme, expertise on a human scale.

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