Industrial mobile tester

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  • Validation / Testing
  • Cybersecurity / Safety
  • Application software
  • Test, validation and IVVQ
  • Functional and cybersecurity

The tester is a piece of equipment used to check the correct operation of protection chains in the nuclear energy sector. It takes the form of a mobile trolley containing all the equipment required for testing. It is equipped with a software program that ensures the software and hardware configuration, the sequencing of tests, the acquisition, processing and archiving of results.

The new tester is subject to strong constraints in terms of cybersecurity and durability.

Mediane  Systeme was involved in the choice of the acquisition system and the entire software project cycle, starting with the retro-specification of the existing software and the analysis of the new requirements, followed by the complete overhaul of the software architecture and finally the development and testing of the new software on a new hardware architecture.

The realisation was based on mainly OpenSource technologies.

The cybersecurity challenges required the implementation of a specific project organisation including risk analysis, a security assurance plan and security audits. Technically, security measures were used such as hardening the OS, encryption and signature methods and the use of specific hardware to protect communication ports.

Technologies used: Qt, QTest, C++, Linux, Red Hat, SQL, LibXML2, UML, Doxygen, Python, Valgrind, CLang CLazy, SQLite, OpenSSL, EBios


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