New version of a lead analyser

  • Industry / IoT
  • Development
  • Validation / Testing
  • Embedded systems
  • System architecture / Product

Design and production of several software and electronic sub-assemblies, including:

  • Consideration of mechanical and industrial constraints and component obsolescence problems.
  • Design and production of new CPU boards with guaranteed compatibility with the previous version of the product.
  • Selection and implementation of a new touch screen with the importance of not degrading the operation of the new product with respect to the operation of the current one.
  • Redesign of the battery supply and charging system.
  • Evolution of the embedded software, addition of new functionalities and redesign of the multilingual HMI.
  • Validation of EMC and electrical safety qualification tests for CE and US certification.
  • Production management of product series.

Added value and customer benefits :

  • Support throughout the project.
  • Use of our technical expertise and our ability to provide solutions.
  • Reliable and efficient product.
  • And above all: a real commercial success.

Technologies : Electronics, Embedded software C/C++, QT.

Type of work: Fixed price
Duration: 1 year


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