Our view of the main
challenges in the
Energy sector

Energy is a vital element in our daily activities and is necessary for the functioning of many systems. Its production, transport, storage and distribution are all major technological challenges that companies must face in order to meet its growing demand while preserving the environmental footprint. 

These developments include :

The recovery of data from the various systems, their processing and analysis in real time enable the players - from the producer to the transporter - to make decisions appropriate to each situation and to adapt their services according to demand. The use of IoT networks (LoRa, Sifox), private 5G, offers an infinite field of possibilities for connecting infrastructures, such as predictive maintenance or the use of drones for surveillance.

The connection of networks and energy systems opens the door to new vulnerabilities (increased number of users, remote connection/management of critical equipment).

The increasing use of alternative energies is driving the development of new and more efficient systems. The development of storage solutions for intermittently produced energy allows for optimal and intelligent redistribution.


  • Smart Grid
  • Hydrogen
  • Operational supervision
  • SCADA system
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Energy management system
  • PLC design and update
  • SCADA system
  • Electronics
  • Testing, validation and test benches
  • Connectivity and cybersecurity

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