Our view of the main
challenges facing the
Rail sector

In the face of environemental challenges, the rail industry appears to be the obvious solution for serving rural areas and large urban centres. The safe, economical nd fast movement of passengers is one of the main objectives of today's manufacturers.

Passengers benefit from easier travel thanks to the interconnection of mobility applications, allowing them to define their journey with ease. All the information from the traffic control centres and ground equipments is fed back, processed and displayed to them during their journey via the displays (PIS*) in the trains, for example.
*PIS : Passenger Information Systems


The modernisation of existing networks (CBTC, ERTMS, etc) increases their operating speed and safety. Railway transport is becoming increasingly automated (via systems such as ATO) to provide a better service to users. 

The increasing use of IT tools in the management of equipment maintenance is reducing downtime. Through the analysis of real-time data and the use of connected applications (use of IoT technologies), railway players can reduce their operating/production costs while accelerating their "time to market". 


  • Simulator
  • Embedde systems, TCMS design
  • Passenger Information System (PIS) development, software upgrades
  • Ground systems (design of signalling and supervision systems, beacon setting tools)
  • Software maintenance tools
  • Automation of data processing

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