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Mediane Italia: Never stop challenging


J.F. Kennedy once said, “We don't do things because they are easy, but because they are hard”. This sentence especially applies to Médiane Système and its aim to become an international company...

Last year, Mediane Systeme invested in resources to enter the Italian market and expand its business. The first step involved targeting local talent who know the Italian labor market, especially demand in consulting and engineering. Anaïs and I have risen to the challenge after being captivated by this development project which matches particularly well our skills, our know-how and above all, our motivation!

Italian clients usually appreciate an organized and precise approach, preferring to work with partners who have a clear growth strategy. The Italian industrial context is made up of both a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises and of international companies operating in different fields, such as: automotive, railway, aerospace, energy, automation, etc. These industries are part of the famous “Made in Italy”, a label which represents quality all over the world. These last few years, Italy has registered significant growth rate, specifically in the manufacturing sector, which has seized various opportunities offered by the economic recovery, both internally and internationally. At the moment, domestic growth is stabilizing and foreign demand is encouraging.

Mediane Systeme’s decision to invest in the Italian market and to create new commercial connections is in line with this demand. Investing in Italy means accessing new knowledge and savoir-faire in strategic fields, such as automation and transport, where Italy is one of the most important exporters.

Mediane Italia is based in Milan, which is the heart of the Italian economy. The head office has been located in the CCI France to establish and maintain a strong relationship between the two markets and to share the same vision and strategies.

By establishing itself in Italy, Mediane Systeme faces a new difficult challenge, but this challenge has a strong developmental potential. Our local team is working hard and has all the qualities required to transform this adventure into a “success story”. The first interactions show that clients are interested and our main objective is to meet their expectations. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer, which is the driving force behind our growth. The need to maximise production and quickly add new innovations entices clients to request support and we must be ready to provide it.

JFK said that “hard work is better than easy work”, we add that “difficult together” is better than “easy alone”.

Focused, passionate and reactive, we are ready to grow!

Anaïs & Patrick – pioneers of the Mediane Italia branch

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