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Mediane Systems continues to develop!

With our 33 years of experience, we provide solutions for your needs, from the sensor to the cloud.

Now recognised by the major players in the industry, we are continuing our development...
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IOT Solutions World Congress 2023

Mediane Systeme was present from January 31 to February 2 at the IOT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona.

This annual event is an opportunity for the entire IOT ecosystem and industry to meet and present new technologies and developments in the sector.

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Progress on the first private 5G use cases.

Mediane Systeme and UVSQ (University of Versailles) are coordinating the 5G-mMTC project as part of the French government's industrial stimulus plan...

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A strong cyber team to help you to secure your products

With the digitalization of industry, industrial control systems have undergone major changes. Initially based on closed communication protocols, these systems are now communicating and connected to the company's IS. This mode of operation makes systems vulnerable to attack, and increases cybersecurity risks, with potentially dramatic consequences...

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Our thoughts on SPE (Single Pair Ethernet)

Single Pair Ethernet is a major innovation in computer networking. Unlike traditional Ethernet standards, which generally use four pairs of wires for data transmission, single-pair Ethernet uses just one pair of wires to achieve high data rates...

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As a leading engineering and consulting company, we have been supporting our clients, both large accounts and SMEs, since 1989.
With a close presence in France and abroad, we enable them to study, design or develop their products.

Mediane  Systeme, expertise on a human scale.

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